First Look: See Adam Brody play real-life spouse Leighton Meester’s ex on Single Parents season finale

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First Look: See Adam Brody play real-life spouse Leighton Meester’s ex on Single Parents season finale

Solitary Moms And Dads

When Leighton Meester recommended that her husband, Adam Brody, guest-star on the ABC sitcom, she didn’t envision him as Derek, the father that is long-discussed-but-never-seen of character’s son.

“I surely had been like, ‘He could play a possible enjoyable character at any point,’” she informs EW. “I didn’t anticipate him for Angie’s ex.”

But creators J.J. Philbin and Elizabeth Meriwether did. Brody can look when you look at the period 1 finale of solitary Parents on might 8 being a current-day Derek involved in meals solution, along with flashbacks to a period as he had been a wannabe stone celebrity with Angie as their groupie.

“We filmed on Sunset Boulevard at evening, and I also had been like, ‘Man, we are really this steel few,’” Meester recalls. “We were all made, and now we had our hair all crazy. We really drove through the first location in bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic together, and I also had been like, ‘I wonder if individuals see us inside our vehicle and therefore are thinking we’re just this actual rocker-like goth couple.”

As much as this time, Derek happens to be “kind of the character that is mysterious” Meester states. “This secret, this legend, significantly more than a person,” making their current life “a really funny unveil.”

A unveil which will drudge up a whole lot of emotions for Angie, based on Meester. “She might be more intimidated she explains by him than anything. “Obviously, there’s surely got to be plenty of blended emotions concerning the individual you once adored. Whether or otherwise not they become doing ok on their own. There’s a lot of this variety of material because she views a reminder of him each day.”

One other titular “single moms and dads,” as well as Angie’s son that is own Graham (Tyler Wladis), understand hardly any about Derek and exactly exactly what he once designed to Angie. She’s been reluctant to also admit the influence Derek had on her behalf life to by by herself, that will arrive at the top into the finale. “Angie’s experienced denial on how much Graham’s father to her relationship has impacted her,” says Meester. “It’s made her really be timid in terms of relationships and opening up and trusting individuals. It’s given her a fear that is real of and, in a variety of ways, made her the individual this woman is now.”

But don’t expect Brody to be always a permanent addition. “I don’t realize that Angie has it in her own to desire to make it happen with him,” Meester admits. “Her son or daughter has not met him, and all that she’s had is it sense of rage and resentment toward him.”

Not too life imitated art in almost any method while shooting. “That will be an awesome option to do partners’ latin brides for marriage treatment,” Meester claims having a laugh. “But just being around Adam, and being in set it’s fun with him. It’s comfortable. He’s actually funny, and I also enjoy every thing i really do with him. Dealing with him is simply the icing on the dessert.”