Retraining in landscape construction and architecture

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Retraining in landscape construction and architecture

The retraining course in landscape construction is useful for those who want to acquire a rather rare but promising and interesting specialty of landscape architect. This profession can be called both creative and engineering at the same time. The learning process is associated with the development of disciplines such as architecture, engineering, geodesy, topography and design.


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What is landscape construction

In recent years, the demand for landscaping works has grown sharply. Today, near each new building, adjoining territories, courtyards are being formed, lawns and flower beds are being broken. In cottage settlements, designer flower beds, reservoirs, alpine slides, connected into a single composition, have long become the norm. The tasks of a landscape builder include the following work:

preparation of a land plot for the construction modern day hero essay of facilities;lining of drainage, irrigation, lighting systems;reconstruction of natural (installation of artificial) reservoirs;modeling of paths, paths, alleys;landscaping (planting trees, shrubs, flowers);arrangement of alpine slides, rockeries (stone gardens);installation of decorative elements (lanterns, garden / outdoor furniture, playgrounds / sports grounds, fences, sculptural compositions).

Thus, landscape and gardening construction and architecture are not the same as ordinary landscape design. The specialist’s scope of tasks is not limited to gardening and surface improvement. He must competently perform a pre-project analysis of the territory, think over and justify the laying of engineering communications, develop and maintain a project at all its stages – from the approval of the master plan to the delivery of work to the customer.

Professional standard

Owners and developers are trying to find specialists who are able to take on the entire front of the landscaping work. Therefore, special preference is given to companies that employ landscape architects rather than just designers. The professional standard, approved on January 29, 2019, clearly defines the requirements for such specialists.

Regardless of skill level, landscape architects should know:

regulatory framework, legislative acts;methods and technologies for carrying out improvement works;basic methods and ways of expressing design ideas;a system for photographing objects, geodetic surveying;climatic and geological characteristics of the area for the correct choice of landscape elements.

The list of necessary skills and abilities includes the ability to analyze information of professional content, work with computer graphics editors and other programs, inspect objects, draw up project documentation, determine the tools, means, methods, technologies required to perform work.

Where to get retraining

In universities and colleges, this specialty has the code 35.03.12, and the programs of retraining courses should be developed taking into account the federal state educational standards approved for it. It is imperative to pay attention to this when choosing a training center.

Full-time courses

Full-time retraining as a landscape architect can be taken at the following universities:

Educational institution Program, qualifications The cost of training, the complexity of the course
Higher School of Landscape Architecture MARCHI (Moscow) «Landscape architecture and design» Information is provided when submitting an application
Saint Petersburg State Forestry University «Landscape architecture» RUB 167,000 (502 academic hours)
Faculty of Further Education of the Ural University of Architecture and Art (Yekaterinburg) «Architectural and landscape reconstruction of the urban recreational area» (full-time and extramural education) RUB 53,800, 4.5 months (260 academic hours)

Distance learning

If there is no time for full-time study, you can undergo retraining in correspondence courses. There are several training centers offering the opportunity to obtain a landscape architect diploma using distance technology. Among them:

The MASPK Academy offers a convenient distance course for 250-520 academic hours. Depending on the initial level of education, the program can be expanded or reduced.Modern scientific and technological academy ANO DPO «SNTA». Training time from 500 ac. hours. Here they train specialists who are able to create and implement a landscape and landscape gardening project, taking into account the wishes of the customer and observing sanitary and epidemiological standards.The Ural Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining provides training for 22 weeks (620 hours). After attestation, a diploma is issued under the DPO program «Garden and park and landscape construction».The Interregional Institute for Personnel Training implements the program «Landscape Architecture and Design» volume of 512 ac. hours.The Institute of Modern Technologies and Management trains landscape architects, heads of structural divisions, project organizers. The training time is from 260 to 780 hours, the cost is from 5900 to 8400 rubles.

Distance learning is becoming more and more popular. Many universities and colleges are developing full-fledged online courses amid the pandemic. After the defense of the final qualifying work, diplomas are sent by mail. Thanks to the convenient schedule of broadcasting lectures and webinars, as well as the possibility of recording them, constant communication with teachers via the Internet, «distance learning» in the near future may become the main form of education.